Facility Rental & Online Payment Information

The Richmond Military Retirees Club is available for rental for all your venue needs.  From a wedding reception, graduation party, retirement party, to a group luncheon and many more...the facility is the perfect setting to host your event.  Contact the Club Manager at 804-321-3188 for available dates, rental fees, other information or you may use the website contact form.

The Club has two spacious banquet halls capable of hosting your next venue for a reasonable rental.   Ellis Hall will seat a capacity of 225 and Steward Hall seats 450 for a combined capacity 675 personnel. The halls can be rented individually or together depending on venue. Online purchases include a convenience fee.


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Halls come with a full bar for cash sales or complimentary set-ups. A full kitchen is available and accessible to accommodate food preparation if desired. The bar, kitchen and security are available at additional costs. The Military Retirees Club Manager is available to discuss rental costs.

Please contact the Military Retirees Club Manager @ 804-321-3188, to coordinate the amounts to enter in the online deposit or rental fee amount.  Online purchases are slightly higher

Where To Find Us:

Military Retirees Club


2220 Sledd Street

Richmond, VA 23222


Phone: 804 321-3188

Fax:  804 321-3302


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